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Dark Water - by Sara Bailey

A haunting and lyrical novel, 'Dark Water' is a psychologically intense portrait of adolescent yearning and obsession. Sara Bailey's first novel will be published by us on October 3rd in paperback and ebook.


"I couldn't help but be fascinated by this book. It uses the Orkney setting beautifully, and the islands are intertwined with the story of a woman facing the past she'd evaded for years: both in the clarity of the light and the roughness of the sea. It uses suspense and structure with skill... The final scene was brilliantly described. Suspense, sex and selkie girls: irresistable!" - Amy Liptrot, author of 'The Outrun', Winner of the 2016 Wainwright Prize


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"Like a selkie through the cold North Sea, the story of Helena’s past ploughs inexorably towards its dark conclusion, every line haunted by the ghost of her enigmatic former best friend, Anastasia. With the island of Orkney as the most dynamic of backdrops, author Sara Bailey lures you into a story of intense teenage friendship, first love, and family ties, keeping you spellbound until the very last word." - S.E. Lynes, author of 'Valentina' 

When Helena returns to her childhood home in Orkney, she is forced to face memories that she has spent half a lifetime running from. Her best friend, the charismatic Anastasia, disappeared after a swimming incident. But what really happened that night by the wrecks? 

Sara Bailey's startling debut from Nightingale, an imprint of Blackbird Digital Books


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