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Sara Bailey



Dr Sara Bailey left Orkney to go to London aged 16. After working in a variety of different jobs from mortuary attendant to stage manager on Les Miserables, she studied part time and went on to University. She has an MA in Women’s History, an MA in Creative Writing as well as a PhD in Critical and Creative Writing.

Her first book was published by Bloomsbury in 2013, Writing the Horror Movie, which she co-authored whilst hiding behind a cushion.

In the 80’s she saw a lot of bands and married a keyboard player from Spandau Ballet, with whom she has two children. Divorced but still friends, she has recently returned to Orkney and married an Orcadian. Dark Water is her first novel and heavily inspired by the islands she has returned to.

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Sara Bailey co-authored her first book Writing The Horror Movie, published by Bloomsbury

Sara Bailey's Orkney: 

Photographs by Sara Bailey of the landscape that inspires her



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