'Good Housekeeping' Magazine features Sara Bailey and 'Dark Water'

We're delighted that the February Edition of 'Good Housekeeping' Magazine has now hit the shelves. This month's magazine features Sara Bailey's personal story "It's never too late to be brave". 

The article begins: "Every time I look out across the bay from the bench that's in my father's name, I am caught off-guard again by the beauty that surrounds me and the amazing good fortune that carrying out one simple act of remembrance has brought me..."

Sara, author of the novel 'Dark Water' published by Nightingale Editions, writes here about how she came to return to Orkney, her childhood home, after many years, to place a bench in her late father's memory. That trip changed her life in more ways than one. On that trip, Sara met her boyfriend from her teens once again and eventually moved back to Orkney. They were married in the Italian Chapel more than 30 years after they first dated. It was Sara's now-husband Leslie who encouraged her to submit 'Dark Water' for publication.

February's edition of 'Good Housekeeping' featuring Sara Bailey's article is now out in the UK.

'Dark Water' is available to order in all good bookshops in the UK and online on Amazon here and Waterstones here.